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1. A Zoroastrian Tapestry: Art, Religion & Culture
by Pheroza J. Godrej, Firoza Punthakey Mistree

2. Erbadistan; Ud, Nirangistan: Facsimile Edition of the Manuscript TD
by James W. Boyd, Firoze M. Kotwal

3. Four Great Religions (1897)
by Annie Besant

4. In Search of Zarathustra : Across Iran and Central Asia to Find the World's First Prophet
by Paul Kriwaczek

5. In Search of Zarathustra : The First Prophet and the Ideas That Changed the World
by Paul Kriwaczek

6. Mithriac Ritual
by G. R. S. Mead

7. Mysteries of Mithra
by G. R. S. Mead

8. Phoenix: The Dawn and Twilight of Zoroastrianism
by R.C. Zaehner

9. Rivayat-I Hemit-I Asawahistan: A Study in Zoroastrian Law: Edition, Transcription, and Translation
by Nezhat Safa-Isfehani, Richard Nelson Frye

10. Strange Birds from Zoroaster's Nest: An Overview of Revealed Religions
by Laina Farhat-Holzman

11. Teachings of Zoroaster and the Philosophy of the Parsi Religion (1908)
by S. A. Kapadia

12. Textual Sources for the Study of Zoroastrianism (Textual Sources for the Study of Religion)
by Mary Boyce

13. The Gathas of Zarathushtra: Hymns in Praise of Wisdom
by Piloo Nanavutty, Piloo Nanvutty

14. The Mysteries of Mithra
by Franz Cumont

15. The Sacred Language, Writings, and Religion of the Parsis
by Martin Haug

16. The Treasure of the Magi: A Study of Modern Zoroastrianism
by James Hope Moulton

17. The Zoroastrian Faith: Tradition and Modern Research
by Solomon A. Nigosian

18. Vol. 7 Ancient Persia: Sacred Books and Early Literature of the East
by Charles F. Horne

19. Zend Avesta and Solar Religions: A Historical Compilation 1852
by M. Edgeworth Lazarus

20. Zoroastrian Studies: The Iranian Religion and Various Monographs, 1928
by A. V. Williams Jackson

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