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361. The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Zen Buddhism
by Helen Josephine Baroni

362. The Intention of Patriarch Bodhidharma's Coming from the West
by Hsuan Hua, Hsuan Hua

363. The Interior and Exterior in Zen Buddhism
by Toshihiko Izutsu

364. The Koan: Texts and Contexts in Zen Buddhism
by Steven Heine, Dale S. Wright

365. The Korean Approach to Zen: The Collected Works of Chinul
by Robert E. Buswell, Chinul

366. The Laughing Buddha: Zen and the Comic Spirit
by Conrad Hyers

367. The Life and Letters of Tofu Roshi
by Susan Moon

368. The Life of Kakuin: Life Records of the Japanese Zen Master
by Norman Waddell

369. The Light Inside the Dark : Zen, Soul, and the Spiritual Life
by John Tarrant

370. The Lion's Roar: Actualizing Buddhism in Daily Life and Building the Pure Land in Our Midst (Asian Thought and Culture, Vol 6)
by Hsing Yun

371. The Little Book of Zen Wisdom
by John Baldock

372. The Little Zen Companion
by David Schiller

373. The Lotus and the Robot.
by Arthur, Koestler

374. The MacRobiotic Way of Zen Shiatsu
by David Sergel, Michio Kushi

375. The Method of Zen
by Eugen Herrigel

376. The Mini Zen Gardening Kit
by Abd Al-Hayy Moore, Running Press

377. The Mirror Mind
by William Johnston

378. The Mirror Mind: Spirituality and Transformation
by William Johnston

379. The Moon in the Pines: Zen Haiku Poetry
by Jonathan Clements, Art Institute of Chicago

380. The Morning Star: New and Selected Zen Writings
by Robert Aitken

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