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161. Instant Zen: Waking Up in the Present
by Ching-Yuan, Thomas Cleary, Ch'an Foyan, etc.

162. Instructions to the Cook: A Zen Master's Lessons in Living a Life That Matters
by Bernard Glassman, Rick Fields

163. Journey in Search of the Way: The Spiritual Autobiography of Satomi Myodo
by Myodo Satomi, Sallie B. King, Satomi Myodo

164. Kensho: The Heart of Zen (Shambhala Dragon Editions)
by Thomas F. Cleary

165. Khronos and Mnemosyne: Time in Literature and the Arts (Interplay No 6)

166. Labrang: A Tibetan Buddhist Monastery at the Crossroads of Four Civilizations
by Paul Kocot Nietupski, Griebenow Archives

167. Le Zen et la tradition japonaise
by Paul Arnold

168. Learning Conversations: The Self-Organized Learning Way to Personal and Organizational Growth
by Sheila Harri-Augstein, Laurie F. Thomas, E. Sheila Harri-Augstein, etc.

169. Letting Go: The Story of Zen Master Tosui (Topics in Contemporary Buddhism)
by Menzan Zuiho, Peter Haskell, Peter Haskel

170. Liberating Intimacy: Enlightenment and Social Virtuosity in Ch'an Buddhism (Suny Series in Chinese Philosophy and Culture)
by Peter D. Hershock

171. Light Sitting in Light: A Christian's Experience in Zen
by Elaine MacInnes

172. Living and Dying in Zazen: Five Zen Masters of Modern Japan
by Arthur Braverman

173. Living Buddha Zen
by Lex Hixon, Helen Tworkov

174. Living by Zen: A Synthesis of the Historical and Practical Aspects of Zen Buddhism
by Daisetz Teitaro Suzuki

175. Living in the New Consciousness
by Hugo Enomiya-Lassalle

176. Living Zen
by Michael Paul, Yoko Murata

177. Living Zen

178. Living Zen, Loving God
by Ruben L. F. Habito

179. Lotus in the Fire: The Healing Power of Zen
by Jim Bedard

180. Magic of Zen: Pathway to Self Transformation
by Inez D. Stein

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