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141. Hazy Moon of Enlightenment: On Zen Practice III (The Zen Writings Series)
by Hakuyu Maezumi, Bernard Tetsugen Glassman

142. Healing Breath: Zen Spirituality for a Wounded Earth (Ecology and Justice)
by Ruben L. F. Habito, Masao Abe

143. Healing Zen: Awakening to Life of Wholeness and Compassion While Caring for Yourself and Others
by Ellen Birx

144. Herding the Ox: The Martial Arts As Moral Metaphor
by John J. Donohue

145. Holding the Lotus to the Rock: The Autobiography of Sokei-an, America's First Zen Master
by Shigetsu Sasaki, Michael Hotz

146. Hoofprint of the Ox: Principles of the Chan Buddhist Path As Taught by a Modern Chinese Master
by Ch'an Master Sheng-yen, Dan Stevenson, Master Sheng-Yen

147. Hoops Zen: The Spiritual Beauty of Basketball
by George Kovacs

148. How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be
by Cheri Huber

149. How to Grow a Lotus Blossom or How a Zen Buddhist Prepares for Death
by Rev. Master Jiyu-Kennett

150. How to Practice Zazen
by Gudo Nishijima

151. How You Do Anything Is How You Do Everything: A Workbook
by Cheri Huber

152. Hsin-Hsin Ming
by Seng-T'San, Seng-Ts'an, Gyoskusei Jikihara, etc.

153. Hua Hu Ching: The Later Teachings of Lao Tzu
by Hua-Ching Ni, Fu Lao-Tzu Hua Hu Ching Wang, Lao Tzu

154. I Opened the Gate Laughing: An Inner Journey
by Mayumi Oda

155. Immovable Wisdom: The Art of Zen Strategy: The Teachings of Takuan Soho
by Nobuko Hirose, Takuan

156. Impermanence Is Buddha-Nature: Dogen's Understanding of Temporality
by Joan Stambaugh

157. In This Very Moment: A Simple Guide to Zen Buddhism
by James Ishmael Ford

158. Infinite Circle : Teachings in Zen
by Bernie Glassman

159. Infinite Mirror: Ts'Ao-Tung Ch'an: Commentaries on Inquiry into Matching Halves and Song of the Precious Mirror Samadhi
by Chan Masters, Tung Chi Shih-Tou Tsan, Liang-Chieh, etc.

160. Instant Zen: A Do-It-Yourself Guide to Awareness and Discovery
by Jim McMullan, Michael Levin, Jim McMulllan

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