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Healing Mudras : Yoga for Your Hands

by Sabrina Mesko

Buy the book: Sabrina Mesko. Healing Mudras : Yoga for Your Hands

Release Date: 01 February, 2000

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Sabrina Mesko. Healing Mudras : Yoga for Your Hands

The photos alone are worth the price of the book

Performing the exercises in this book will improve your dexterity and possibly even contribute to better performance, say, on a computer keyboard or playing a musical instrument. Whether the hand poses actually enhance psychological/spiritual areas, as the author claims, I can't confirm, as my discipline is all over the place and I practice the mudras sporadically and in various combinations. The exercises are definitely worth doing, and they relieve the stress and tension in my hands better than the massages I'd been getting. That said, the delightful photographs of the author in a range of costumes with complementary make-up and sets make the book fun on an entirely different level. The images evoke (for me) Emma Peel, Madama Butterfly, Mata Hari and Barbarella. These photos are so cool I find myself gazing at them and meditating upon the meaning of, say, the turn of a wrist or the lift of an eyebrow. Not only is Sabrina Mesko introducing and promoting mudras to the west, but she is reviving the art of hand-dancing in a spectacular way.

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Great starter on mudras

I had spent too much time with the windows of my room closed. I wondered why I always found it so hard to concentrate and why I felt so sleepy when I was reading or studying for a college class. The first time I practiced a couple of mudras in a row, I felt very energized and alert. Ever since I have started practising two mudras every morning before I start my day. It feels wonderful. I have noticed that I am no longer moody. Sabrina has written a great book. Though it doesn't describe the meaning of each mudra in depth, the instructions and photos make it easy to do the mudras.

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