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Health for Life: Secrets of Tibetan Ayurveda

by Robert Sachs, Lobsang, Dr. Rapgay, Dorje Gyaltsen

Buy the book: Robert Sachs. Health for Life: Secrets of Tibetan Ayurveda

Release Date: November, 1997

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Robert Sachs. Health for Life: Secrets of Tibetan Ayurveda

An Excellent Book!

Don't be misled by the presence of the word "Secrets" in the book's subtitle. What Sachs has accomplished here is no cryptic, esoteric text. Instead, he has encapsulated his years of interest and study into one tight, thorough (and thoroughly enjoyable) presentation of Tibetan healing concepts, and how they can be easily assimilated into our lives. Charts, illustrations, and clear, engaging writing combine here to create a sort of Ayurvedic owner's manual for the body. Yoga, nutrition, sexuality, spirituality, and other factors of the balanced mind, body, and soul are all discussed. Sachs maintains both his reader-friendly voice and clear, uncorrupted mastery of the subject matter throughout.

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Quotes from Physicians about Health for Life

Author Shares Notable Quotes of Physcians who have read Health for Life...

"Health for Life is an excellent resource for anyone wanting to live a life based on the wisdom of Ayurveda. I recommend it highly." Deepak Chopra, M.D.

"There isn't anything else around which describes the ancient esoteric healing art of Tibet in a way that can be understood and used by both physician and lay people alike. This book is insightfully and clearly written. Here is another dialect in the language of healing." Christopher Hassell, M.D.

"...The emphasis that the Tibetan health model places on prevention, in the form of diet, exercise, relaxation, and spiritual practices, is increasingly supported by western medical science....Robert Sachs' fascinating book on the Tibetan medical tradition will continue to promote the coming together of eastern and western medical thought." Mark Roth, M.D.

"The outstanding examination of Tibetan medicine in Health for Life is a good example of what is needed from each seemingly divergent healing philosophy. The sooner western civilizations are exposed to this type of clear description of ancient truths, the sooner the process of integration begins." Walter Stoll, M.D.

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