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15 Minute Yoga

by Godfrey Devereux

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Release Date: 15 August, 2000

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Godfrey Devereux. 15 Minute Yoga

Thorough, Not Easy

This book is a good read for those interested in yoga and its practices and postures are intelligently organised and described in excellent detail. It beats the majority of yoga books out there as it as been "dumbed down" less than most.

There is a good section on meditation, breaking the process down into eight simple steps for entering and coming out of meditation.

It breaks down postures into a number of practices, including the "energising practice", the "grounding practice", the "opening practice", the "rejuvenating practice". Devereux indicates when each might be an appropriate practice (e.g. the energising or grounding practice first thing in the morning).

Unfortunately, of these practices I find I can only really do the "energising" and "grounding" practices. The others include postures I can not nearly achieve, judging by the photographs.

That said the author recommends the reader to gradually create practices from based on intuition, rather than follow the practices religiously.

In summary this book is perhaps suitable for those who have some prior experience of yoga and are looking for some short practices. But some of the postures do require a high level of flexibility.

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Good supplement to your yoga practice

As a beginner at yoga, and a person who has a long way to go on her flexibility, I can say that I have found this book to be helpful. I have used it in addition to a class I'm taking. I think that the first section of the book, an overview of yoga, is extremely informative and fun to read. Also, it's an attractive book, with glossy pages and a bold font. I do not think it is suitable for a beginner as the ONLY book. A video, or ideally, a teacher, is necessary to benifit from this book.

I only gave this book 4 stars because I thought that the written descriptions of the postures could be more clear and less abstract. I also felt that the author should have included more modifications of poses for us less-flexible folks.

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