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by Susan Bowes, Sue Bowes

Buy the book: Susan Bowes. WOMAN'S MAGIC

Release Date: March, 2001

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Susan Bowes. WOMAN'S MAGIC

So Informative... A top rate written book-no boring sections

This book is so good in my opinion that I'm quite sad that I ordered a used copy. My used copy was not that great with folds, and not in good shape. This book is a keeper. For the true witch in all of us. Rituals that are right on target. Magical ways to communicate with the earth, along with the story behind many legands for example: Virgin Mary- What is the representation for the white lily? to Why people wear black at funnerals? Great book, there are no boring sections, to the point where you pick up another book by sitting this one down. NONTHING stale, every chapter gets better.... A great read.

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An enjoyable introduction to the magickal life

I enjoyed this book by an English author. She includes many useful and meaningful meditations, working with Goddesses, as well as introductions to numerology and astrology. She also has information about herbs and color magick. I especially enjoyed her chapter called "Woman's Magic in Spirals and Cycles." I liked how she articulated her belief about life and evolving consciousness moving and growing in a spiral fashion. She is a very good writer, and it was interesting to get a Brit's view of women's magic as a change from American writers' views. Her chapters are: woman's magic in sexuality, at home, in the garden, concerning special occassions, in spirals and cycles, concerning the goddess, and concerning the sisterhood. This book doesn't really go in depth about these important concepts, but it is definitely a terrific introduction. Don't miss it.

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