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Women's Medicine Ways: Cross-Cultural Rites of Passage

by Marcia Starck, Gynne Stern

Buy the book: Marcia Starck. Women's Medicine Ways: Cross-Cultural Rites of Passage

Release Date: February, 1994

Edition: Hardcover


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Buy the book: Marcia Starck. Women's Medicine Ways: Cross-Cultural Rites of Passage

I Love This Book So Much!

I checked this book out at the library several times and just couldn't get enough of it! In fact, words fail me in describing how much I love this book! Marcia's book combines all the best in women's spirituality, from Native celebrations to Wicca to Yoruba traditions. Even though I couldn't buy the book, I must have photocopied almost all of it and still return to it again and again for referance. It would be difficult to actually do many of the rituals without a group, but the material is great inspiration for anyone working solitary. Another great earthy-Goddess book worth reading! Blessed Be!

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Rites of passage need to be resurrected in our culture!

I've not used a lot of the rituals in this fabulous book but I have had a blessingway ritual during my baby shower. This was such an incredible ritual that helped all of the people attending the shower feel connected and enabled me to draw upon their power and influence during my labor and delivery. I believe our culture lacks significant rites of passage leaving us feel empty and unable to fully transition into life changes. It's wonderful to know that there are resources such as this book to re-introduce such profound rituals in our lives.

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