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Witchcraft: A Secret History

by Richard Craze, Roni Jay

Buy the book: Richard Craze. Witchcraft: A Secret History

Release Date: 08 September, 2002

Edition: Hardcover


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Buy the book: Richard Craze. Witchcraft: A Secret History

Witchcraft A Secret History

The book that I have read was published in the United States in 2002. It is a BEAUTIFUL book, photographically. It seems to have some magic about it because of it's beauty. It also is THE BEST historical, non-biased view and version of witchcraft that I have read in my 5 years of studying "The Craft of the Wise." The author writes a seemingly accurate (moreso than most) account of Witchcraft and has many words to say of its "re-discovery" of which Gerald Gardner played such a large role. All things considered, this is a the best "academic" book that relates to Witchcraft, especially its latest developments as well as being an "enchanting" study of "The Craft."

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Nicely Illustrated But Nothing Special

"Witchcraft: A Secret History" is yet another of the popular histories of witchcraft and magic that has hit the bookstores in the past few years. It includes a history of witchcraft and magic from anicent times, including Greco-Roman, Egyptian, and Celtic magic, through the witch crazes of the 15th thru 17th centuries, to modern times. It also includes an excellent chapter on the Salem Witch Trials. The book is written for a decidedly Neo-Pagan/Wiccan audience and includes sections on spells, herbs, and magical implements. While it is nicely illustrated and provides a good introductory background, it really adds nothing new regarding this highly popular subject. One item that I was glad to see was that this volume benefits from recent scholarship in historical witchcraft as, for instance, it refutes the "9 Million Martyrs" myth that seems to get repeated in many popular histories such as this one, as well as the now-discredited "Witch Cult" theories of early 20th century witchcraft author Margaret Murray. This book will provide an enjoyable quick read for the casual reader, but for those interested in a more detailed yet popular introducion to the fascinating and controversial subjects of witchcraft and magic I would recommend Jeffery B. Russell's "History of Witchcraft".

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