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Wicca 333 : Advanced Topics in Wiccan Belief

by Kaatryn MacMorgan

Buy the book: Kaatryn MacMorgan. Wicca 333 : Advanced Topics in Wiccan Belief

Release Date: 10 March, 2003

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Kaatryn MacMorgan. Wicca 333 : Advanced Topics in Wiccan Belief

Basic, at best.

I gave this book one star for two reasons. First it does not live up to its claim to present "advanced" material. Instead we find material that all of us thought about in the early days of our study and training (and then with maturity, we moved on).

The second reason I gave this book one star is that it is another example of Wicca as a "make it up as you go along" system. If that's what Wicca is, then why are we looking to authors to inform us when what we can make it up ourselves just as well as they can!? It is easy to see why this book is a self published work instead of one that was accepted for publication by professionals who know this genre.

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Advanced Topics in BELIEF.

This book is a collection of vignettes-twelve relatively short sections that each describe an aspect of *belief*, either Wiccan belief or beliefs often associated with Wicca, in extreme detail.
The information is critical. The author cites sources, gives contrasting views at time (for example, in the section on the Wiccan Rede, she talks about the reasons why it is generally interpretted as she describes, (her interpretation is Gardnerian to the core, which is weird from a self-described eclectic) then suggests that those with contrasting views should do the research, presumably to challenge her reseach or reach their own conclusions.)
Perhaps most refreshingly, right in the introduction she states that she is not a guru, and that she should not be accepted because her word is in print. It's almost a complete turn around from other books I've read in which the author lords it over the readers. She repeats the message of "do your own research" again and again, and always states when, where and how she came up with what she says.
There are even a few times where she states two contrasting opinions in the community and says she has no opinion on which is right and several times where she states an extreme belief, expressed by friends and covenmates and says "but I'm not sure I can believe that, and here's why."
This book will alienate people looking for things about how to be Wiccan or an easy form of Wicca... it's a challenging read, giving equal creedence at times to points of view that are obscure.
I imagined, at times, the author was vetting things through a ravening hoarde of reconstructionists, whose side she's clearly on in the whole unethical eclecticism vs communal and cultural gnossis debate.
It is no more, and no less than what it says it is, advanced topic in Wiccan Belief, and perhaps provided a read that stuck with me more than any other book I've reviewed.

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