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Wicca Covens: How to Start and Organize Your Own

by Judy Harrow

Buy the book: Judy Harrow. Wicca Covens: How to Start and Organize Your Own

Release Date: April, 1999

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Judy Harrow. Wicca Covens: How to Start and Organize Your Own

Great guide to running any kind of group

Judy Harrow has two great qualifications for writing this book. She is a Wiccan High Priestess of many years standing, and is also a trained psychologist who understands group dynamics. This book is a wonderful resource for anyone involved in coven work, especially for coven leaders. In fact, most of the information in this book can be used for running any type of group. Highly recommended!

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The help book your coven really needs

There are a couple of good books on the market that deal with Wicca Covens, and in my opinion there are not enough.
While a lot of Covens cover within their own group their own rules and such regarding how their covens are structured and formed, those outside the coven structure are sadly lacking in the necessary teaching, information and skills needed to undertake such a project.
Judy Harrow presents here an in depth book dealing with the formation, principles and workings of a Coven. From starting a coven to dealing with individuals within the Coven group to deciding when to meet or how to perform ritual together, it is all discussed in a grown up manner with a common sense approach to the problems and day to day workings.
There are way too many people out there who are calling their group a "Coven" only to have someone realize they are nothing more than a working group. And there are those out there who really do want to create a working coven, and need a guide to help them put it all together. Many people do not know what a real coven should look and feel like. This book can help clarify a lot of these questions.
No one book will contain all the answers or have everything you need to be completely assured of a successful coven. But this book covers much ground in the practical approach to forming a Coven. If you are taking the first steps, or think you have a coven and are not sure, or looking for experiences from someone who has been in a coven, this book can certainly help you out.

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