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Wicca Candle Magick

by Gerina Dunwich

Buy the book: Gerina Dunwich. Wicca Candle Magick

Release Date: October, 1996

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Gerina Dunwich. Wicca Candle Magick

My actual rating is 2 and 1/2 stars

Since I'm no longer a newbie in The Craft I've modified my former opinion of this book somewhat.

I still feel that this book contains a lot of things that have nothing to do with candle magick, as well as having information about Voodoo(I thought the title of this was WICCA Candle Magick!) But her information on candle colors is good and her information on crystals is very interesting, although again I question why she has info on crystals in a book that is supposed to be about candle magick!

I still think that some of the spells are positively revolting! The worst one involves taking a dead toad or frog(I forget which one)and putting the carcass under a dung heap until all the flesh is eaten away by maggotts and then using the bones in a spell!!! (Hmmm...next time I find a dead toad or frog, I think I'll take the body and save some of my dog's dung)! How much dung would I have to collect to make a dung heap and just how much could it stink? I can't imagine the neighbors objecting!

This is the kind of stuff that gives Witches a bad rep!

It's obvious that the author is very knowledgable, but this book should definetely have a different tile!

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This is for Intermediate or advanced, not beginner Witches

Dunwich has written a good book for candle magick, but her book focuses on very specific things to do and not to do. She also provides some basic info on colors, and what they represent. There's also some nice tid bits of historical information that I enjoyed reading.

However, I don't feel this is a good book for someone just starting out. For me to sit here and type all the reasons I believe it's not for beginners would take to long, so I'll just reemphasize that if you have practiced candle magick already, and are comfortable with it, then this book is for you. I know I'm not providing specifics, but I really don't have the time right now to tell you every single detail..Blessed Be.

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