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The Existential Pagan -- On Freedom and Responsibility

by Rel Davis, Eston Mansfield, Greg Fisher

Buy the book: Rel Davis. The Existential Pagan -- On Freedom and Responsibility

Release Date: 01 October, 1998

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Rel Davis. The Existential Pagan -- On Freedom and Responsibility

Very Interesting Collection of Essays

The Existential Pagan is a collection of essays that is good to read on your own - but where it works best is the basis for group discussions. The author takes deliberate controversial positions that beg for further discussion. His ideaology tends to stick close to the Ancient Matriarchy as proposed by Merlin Stone and M. Gimbautus. The books weaker points are that because many of the essays were written in the 1980's, so much of the science he bases his arguments on is getting outdated - also Davis' past as a SF writer shows thru in his rather strange and elaborate explination of the humans soul as a Tesseract.

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The Total Package of Paganism

Never, in any book, have I seen a witch more eloquently and perfectly describe what the craft is really all about.

He explains paganism as it is, and illustrates how integral the pagan world-view is to the continued existence of our marvelous planet.

Nowhere, in one volume, is it possible to get as full a picture of the craft as it is in "The Existential Pagan." By discussing science, magic, personal responsibility, history, mythology, philosophy as well as what witches take to be the standard practices of the craft, Rel Davis makes paganism not only a religion, but a culture as well, and provides us with glasses which allow us to get past our collective cultural stigmatism and see things the way they once were and could be again. Namaste ... - Roland WordStone

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