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Silver's Spells for Prosperity

by Silver Ravenwolf, Silver Raven Wolf

Buy the book: Silver Ravenwolf. Silver's Spells for Prosperity

Release Date: May, 1999

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Silver Ravenwolf. Silver's Spells for Prosperity

Prosperity with a wave of the wand!

I purposely choose to read and review this book for many reasons, one of them being my own personal distaste for the cookbook-style of many Wiccan authors, Ms RavenWolf included among them. I believe that the emphasis given to ready-made spells in these books distracts the honest seeker of wisdom from finding the beauty in the Wiccan spiritual path. I think that books of spells offer those in pain or need the allure of a quick fix to their problems.

This is not to say that I don't think spells work. Of course, they work, but not because you use this candle or that oil and this particular time of day and chant these particular words. The magick of a Wiccan spell is not in the tools, the chants, the planetary energies. The true magick is within the Witch, nurtured and grown through many years of spiritual discipline. Real magick is hard work.

Now you may be thinking: "Gee, Marsha really musta hated this book!" Well you'd be wrong on that one. I can't say I loved this book and I won't say I'd recommend it to beginner's on the Wiccan or other magickal path who don't have any idea what a magickal correspondence is, but for those who have been working the path for awhile this little book offers some easily adaptable and refreshing approaches to manifesting prosperity for the good of all and in accordance with free will.

My favorite spell of the book is the Magic Bill Box pp. 146-152. No, the box doesn't make your bills magically disappear or be paid in full - darn it all anyway! In constructing the box, you get a chance to really thinking about your bills, where they come from, why you need them in your life at this time, what lesson are you learning from them. You also create a very special and attractive storage space to keep your bills organized. I'm not a particularly arts & crafts person, but the charm of creating this special box, empowering it as an aid to control my expenditures, tickles the fancy of my Younger Self much more than the unbelievably dull process of logging them into the financial section of my planner and storing them in the back pocket until it's bill paying day.

Silver sprinkles practical hints for managing your finances more effectively throughout the book, such as her discussion of "Do I Really Need It" pp. 174-176 and "The Ebb and Flow of Your Money" pp. 69-75. She encourages the reader to really begin to think about what manifesting prosperity and achieving abundance really means on an individual basis. Sure we'd all love to have a million dollars tax free, but what would having all that money really mean to our lives. How much is enough? When is it too much? Is it really things that we lack or is it something deeper inside that leaves us feeling overwhelmed with debt.

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Very Helpful Book

I do not see why people do not like this book. I purchased it and I am very glad that I did. Silver points out the fact that you can use your inner engery to work spells that will help you get through hard times in life without harming anyone in the process. That is a true wiccan...harm none, do what ye will. These spells can really help people and they are not harming anyone or making someone selfish or greedy. We could all use this book. I love Silver's work and I will continue to purchase all of her spell books.

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