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Speak of the Devil : Tales of Satanic Abuse in Contemporary England

by Jean La Fontaine

Buy the book: Jean La Fontaine. Speak of the Devil : Tales of Satanic Abuse in Contemporary England

Release Date: 12 February, 1998

Edition: Hardcover


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Buy the book: Jean La Fontaine. Speak of the Devil : Tales of Satanic Abuse in Contemporary England

Backlash masked as science

Jean La Fontaines book is probably one of the most sophisticated in the backlash literature. The reader almost gets the impression that her conclusions are based on scientific research. It is not. The investigation La Fontaine base her book on, and which she led, draw conclusions that was not based in the very results they themselves published. For example, one of their findings was that in almost half of the 84 studied cases there were medical evidence of sexual abuse, and in at least three of the cases there were material evidence that rituals took place during the abuse. If we take in account the fact hat it usually had gone months, if not years, between crime and investigation it is more remarkable that paraphernalia was found in three cases than that none was found in the rest of the cases.

LaFontaine never even tries to explain the medical evidence which she herself acknowledge in this book, and the three cases where paraphernalia was found she explains away by claiming that the abusers were no "real" satanists after all..

That LaFontaines report proved the non-existence of ritual abuse is hardly more than an urban legend...

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An interesting investigation

Whether there is proof that Satanists abduct, sacrifice and eat tens of thousands of children each year in the uk or at other places is a topic which some would believe is unworthy of systematic investigation (acknowledging the need to substantyiate such claims may be seen as betraying children...) but others may find interesting.
To those who do so this book is a must read. It is the second large scale government investigation of claims of widespread Satanic Ritual Abuse whichb has failed to identify a basis for these allegations in even one single case.

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