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Sisters of the Dark Moon: 13 Rituals of the Dark Goddess

by Gail Wood

Buy the book: Gail Wood. Sisters of the Dark Moon: 13 Rituals of the Dark Goddess

Release Date: October, 2001

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Gail Wood. Sisters of the Dark Moon: 13 Rituals of the Dark Goddess

Well dark is one way to say it.

This book was a very organized. That is one of the few things it had going for it. The problem I found was the added zodiac, and the fact that it had no real place. There wasn't even enough information to tell you about what time of year it was. And where did the information about this New zodiac "Arachne" come from. There was good information on the Dark aspects of the moon, But is still can't grasp Arachne and when exactly this happens. My advice is to take it with a grain of salt and enjoy some tidbits

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Something a little different.

It's easy to get lost in the ready connotations of words like "dark", "left-hand path", and even something as simple as "worship". So it'd be easy to misunderstand the reasons behind this book at first glance if one were unknowledgable about such things.

Gail Wood tries to explore mysteries that are deeply feminine and sometimes mistaken for "satanist" rantings. I found it to be very interesting in its ideas, if not always in it applications. I always enjoyed reading the sections about the Dark Moon in the different zodiac houses, though sometimes I would skim through her rituals, as her poetry never really spoke to me. (Which is not necessarily a bad thing...her path is not my path.)

Not necessarily a Wicca 101 primer, nor a quintisential source for stufy, I did find that this book did give me some new insights into human behavior, and put some things that I've always thought about into "plain english".

For people studying philosophy in general or the Craft, I would recomend it.

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