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Healing Traditions & Spiritual Practices of Wicca

by Debbie Michaud

Buy the book: Debbie Michaud. Healing Traditions & Spiritual Practices of Wicca

Release Date: 01 April, 2000

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Debbie Michaud. Healing Traditions & Spiritual Practices of Wicca

OK as Wicca 101, Great for begginers in Herbalism

This was the first book I read about Wicca. It's OK for someone who knows nothing about Wiccan holidays etc., The problem was that at some point it started to be boring, it starts to be all about Herbalism - with charts and lists.
If you are interested in Herbalism - this is a good book for starting off.

It didn't live up to it's title.

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Great For Beginners

When I purchased this book it was as a seeker relatively new to witchcraft. I wasn't really interested in the religious aspects of the craft and wanted a better understanding of Wicca and its practice. It was difficult for me to find comprehensive reading material accessable to a non-Wiccan. This book met that need. I highly suggest reading it if you are new to Wicca. Michaud is not a romantic writer, as many Wiccan authors seem to be. As such, this book was a great relief to me. She provides you with a very good analysis of witchcraft in this book without an overemphasis on ritual. Buy it.

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