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A Book of Shadows

by Tarostar

Buy the book: Tarostar. A Book of Shadows

Release Date: 15 June, 1987

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Tarostar. A Book of Shadows

Book of Shadows? Not even a book!!!

I had read such wonderful reviews, the index pages seemed pretty tempting, so I bought it. My god, what a waste of money! To begin with, it's as if somebody had printed a few pages in their home-printer and sent them to some xerox-place to get it binded, with a red back and a transparent cover. The contents are completely superficial, and the spells are ALL about money, a few about love, and that's it. Believe me, you can get all what's inside this book by surfing the web, cheaper and with a lot more literary content and deeper investiation.

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ONE OF THE PROBLEMS ABOUT BOOKS ON WICCA OR MAGIC IS FINDING ALL THE THINGS YOU NEED TO DO AN AUTHENTIC SPELL OR RITUAL. I've been studying practical magick for quite a few years and Im always stumped when I have to go find some ingredient for a spell that is impossible to find. This book by Tarotstar I found useful because it allowed me to practice my magick without grief and is hasel free. The things you need to make your spells work are fairly easy to obtain. What I also liked about the rituals and spells is the fact that the author doesnt seem to have a thing about using witchcraft just for the good of others all the time. He tells how to remove a hex but also tells how to put one on someone who has done you wrong. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is look for an excellent Book of Shadows to work from.

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