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A Book of Pagan Rituals

by Herman Slater

Buy the book: Herman Slater. A Book of Pagan Rituals

Release Date: December, 1978

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Herman Slater. A Book of Pagan Rituals

One of better books out there

If you already have a good grounding you can fill in the gaps yourself and customize the rites, but I think that few books are better than this one. As for earler review i am sure things have changed with the times, but some of books are just coming out are rehashing of same things that was written before and by far not complete, when i came to craft in 1991 ,not many books was out and i have been buying some of new books coming out. I found good infomation in them and sure this book is dianic driven but have ya look at ed fitch's " A book of shadows" nice book but just as biased as heck. My point is, all books have a opinion and This book will give outlines that show how to design rites and Best and most powerful spells come from you. as for the book metioned by another reviewer of Pagan Rites of Passage!(By Pauline Campanelli). sure it's great book if it was still in print which it's is not!!! so ya out of luck on it unless ya get it used, lucky i got one I would look at some of books of old and new and find what works for you. paganism and witchcraft has changed over the years and for better and some for the worse. My advice Just use your own judgement and remember all books have opinions and there is no one book on any topic because people all have diffent views and tradtions Being judgementmental has no place in paganism and limits the person in my opinion.
Good luck on your path

Blessed Be;

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"classic" mayby, but there's better...

If you already have a good grounding you can fill in the gaps... but I think there's better. I was looking for rite of passage rituals, but I found better info in... Pagan Rites of Passage!(By Pauline Campanelli). This was centered at dianic covens and today most pagans are solitary and I prefer a more balanced approach. Anyway... That can't detract from the fact it was a 'must have' for many years. It just isn't now.

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