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5 Easy Steps to Becoming a Witch

by Gilly Sergiev

Buy the book: Gilly Sergiev. 5 Easy Steps to Becoming a Witch

Release Date: 01 February, 2001

Edition: Hardcover


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Buy the book: Gilly Sergiev. 5 Easy Steps to Becoming a Witch

An Excellent Beginner's Guide

This is a great book - full of wisdom and fun. If you want to start off knowing about Wicca this is an excellent way to begin. There is nothing wrong with humour - this book talks about the real stuff but in a friendly way - the witch hunting of 500 years ago does not need to be encouraged in these times. The information within the book is stuff to get you started - but as every witch knows, the real ability comes with practise and on your journey - so I am thrilled with this book as a way for everyone to take the first step. 5 Easy Steps will get you going and if you read the book you will see what secrets are contained within... blessed be.

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Cute, some good stuff..dont take title litterly

This is actually a pretty good little book with lots of "basic" information. However, it will NOT make you a "witch", but it will give you easy to understand information and some very simple spells.

The title is deceiving IMO for the simple fact that it is not EASY to become a Witch in 5 simple steps, nor is it possible. But it's a catchy title and I am sure that is why it was written so. Just make sure you buy at least ONE book that will teach you more about Wicca and do not live by this book alone. There are so many out there, ask around and see what people who have been in the craft for a long time recommend.

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