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7 Days to a Magickal New You

by Fiona Horne

Buy the book: Fiona Horne. 7 Days to a Magickal New You

Release Date: October, 2001

Edition: Hardcover


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Buy the book: Fiona Horne. 7 Days to a Magickal New You

too bad, it looks like fiona's selling out

i liked her first book witch : a magickal journey alot. she took a chapter out of witch: a magickal journey also titled 7 days to a magickal new you added a few new things and made it into this book. save your money and just get her first book it has the same material as this plus tons more and if you already have her first one don't even bother with this. it's a cute idea but it looks way too much like she was just trying to make a quick buck reproducing old material.

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A Magickal Retreat in a Book

Maybe I'm so enamored with it because I'm needing a vacation from life right now. It's like going to a magickal retreat, but in a book. I have heard of women's retreats, and there are spas that cost thousands to be pampered for a week, but for those of us wanting to get in touch with our magickal selves, this is the kind of retreat you can afford, especially if you already have a well stocked herb and oil cabinet. I really do like the
basic premise.

Each day is dedicated to doing things with a magickal intent that are appropriate for that day, Moon-day, Sun-day, etc, such as Wednesday is focused on wisdom and knowledge, and Thursday is focused on good fortune and prosperity. Friday is about self love and love for all humanity, while Saturday is devoted to tapping into your dark feelings and purging fear, pain, resentments and negativity. There are exercises to do while waking up, a morning pentacle salute to the sun, and a chakra meditation. Then each day has some things to do for the day, such as going for a picnic, making an amulet, or cleaning out clutter. Each day also has affirmations to say, teas to drink, herbs to mix, and a color to wear, like Monday is white or silvery blue, and Thursday is green. Often, she gives alternatives for the herbs, or incense or teas, and little "tips" are all over the place. There are also simple rituals to perform each day, sometimes more than one. Each evening you are encouraged to take time to read in a magickal book, like Book of Shadows by Phyllis Curott, before going to bed. Keeping a
dream journal and notebook are strongly recommended, as are taking pictures of your altars, drawing, etc.

I know most people can't do this in the "ideal" way, but I think it's great to try to pick days and do it just to get a good reconnection of your magickal side. Ideally, she recommends taking a week off from work during a waxing moon, getting away from friends and family, basically getting away from your typical mundane life, and being magickal every day, all day. It
is something you should be doing for yourself, without interference in your focus.

This sort of thing may not appeal to everybody, and I'm sure not all will agree with what she has chosen to include, or the herbs, or something, but overall I think the idea is solid and wonderful. The whole book is about taking time to step out of the daily grind, even if for one day, and step in to magick. It is about taking the time to honor yourself, both personally
and magickally, and reconnecting with the mystical. The book does have a decidedly feminine perspective, but I think it can be adapted for men without too much effort.

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