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A Little Book of Mirror Magic: Meditations, Myths, Spells

by Patricia Telesco

Buy the book: Patricia Telesco. A Little Book of Mirror Magic: Meditations, Myths, Spells

Release Date: November, 2003

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Patricia Telesco. A Little Book of Mirror Magic: Meditations, Myths, Spells

Nice Little Book on Mirrors in Magick

Trish Telesco has written a few of these smaller 'pocketbooks' on various topics.  The one that comes to mind the most is the one about cats in myth and magic.  This book contains much the same type of information.  Ms. Telesco covers the myths behind mirrors, examines the uses for mirrors and the different types of mirrors and how to use mirrors in spell magic as well as personal meditations.
The book is researched and the bibliography contains some interesting sources for her research.  The material is well laid out, the chapters contain her usual witty references and it is easy to understand.
Her advice is practical in typical Trish Telesco style and she offers encouragement in the practice and study of this particular medium.  Overall, the book is a good beginner point for mirror scrying and history of the mirror in magic.
The size of the book was probably determined by the length of the book (only five chapters and two appendixes) and it is a most uncomfortable size.  The cover, while catchy (a small reflective surface pasted on the front of the book), is unimpressive.   The price of the book is overstated in my opinion for the content of the book, and is based purely on presentation, which I consider not up to par.  Had this been a better produced small hard cover with a nicer print job, as her cat book, I would have been a bit more pleased at the presentation.
If you are getting this book as a gift, it may be worth the price, but to augment my own personal library I would wait till it was discounted a bit before purchase.
Please note the content of the book is worthy of attention, but the packaging and pricing is a bit off. boudica

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