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A Time For Magick: Planetary Hours For Meditations, Rituals and Spells

by Maria Kay Simms

Buy the book: Maria Kay Simms. A Time For Magick: Planetary Hours For Meditations, Rituals and Spells

Release Date: 01 April, 2001

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Maria Kay Simms. A Time For Magick: Planetary Hours For Meditations, Rituals and Spells

Still trying to wade my way through this book

A Time for Magick is packed with information, and all the complex tables and astrological correspondences were somewhat daunting for me to tackle. However, I am still very interested in the content of this book and I keep plugging along. I'd recommend it as a primer on astrology. Particularly good for those who are sticklers for making sure they have the exact appropriate lunar hour, etc. for workings.

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A Reader's Comments

Maria Simms, professional astrologer, High Priestess of the Circle of the Cosmic Muse, and author of many books covering both astroloy and Wiccan life and practice has brought to the community a volume that emcompasses both. Early on she states the purpose of the book: to replace Llewellyn George' "Improved Perpetual Planetary Hour Book". As with all things in the Universe, the book can be used in more than one way. As an astrology book, I do not feel it is for the rank beginner, but it tantalizes the reader to go on learning. Likewise, for the beginning seeker on the Pagan path, it is not for the rank beginner, but the guidance will amplify continued learning. She liberally sprinkles her wit and humor throughout the volume, and her skill with word pictures is equal to her skill as a juried artist as well. It is obvious that her goal for the reader--whatever the level of learning--is to become more self-aware, and she uses the venue of astrology with the natal chart to set the stage for this process. She takes pains to explain each planet, its meaning in astrology, what it rules, what the people born under that planet's hour are like, and the timing for that planet. She then explains the use of planetary hours and how to calculate them. The final two chapters are practical applications of the instructions that precede them: on Planetary Meditation and Ritual. As in her previous books, Maria provides extensive reference material in the Appendices that both amplify and afford the reader bibliographical information for further study and research. Overall the book is easy reading. It can be used as both text and reference, and would be a worthwhile addition to one's personal library.

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