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A Witch's Book of Dreams: Understanding the Power of Dreams & Symbols

by Karri Allrich

Buy the book: Karri Allrich. A Witch's Book of Dreams: Understanding the Power of Dreams & Symbols

Release Date: 01 April, 2001

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Karri Allrich. A Witch's Book of Dreams: Understanding the Power of Dreams & Symbols

Fly me to the moon

Fly me to the moon, for this enlightening book on dreams is not for witches, only. I was drawn to the inviting cover of the maiden on the moon, but it was the contents that turned my nocturnal flights of dreamtime into a reality of power and understanding of me. Just a truth seeker am I, always working to improve my daily life and living to the fullest. Karri Allrich's "A Witch's Book of Dreams" has given me insight into all the lessons I can learn from examining and interpreting my dreams. As suggested, I started my dream journal immediately, and rereading its contents with the help of Allrich's dream dictionary, and her explanations of archtypes, symbols, and shadow work, has given me a new perspective of my life, past and present...and future. Buy this book. It will enable you to become that whole person you've always dreamed of!

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This lady knows her stuff!

Having read Karri's book "Recipes from a Vegetarian Goddess", I was surprised to find out that she was well versed in dream and symbology.

She has studied the Jungian and magical aspects of dreams and their symbols for over twenty-five years, and this book is the collection of all that she has studied and learned.

Karri starts with the basic explanation of what dreaming is, how we dream and when we dream. From there she takes a look at the studies of Carl Jung in relation to dreams and their roots in ancient wisdom's.

She examines archetypes and how they relate on many levels to ourselves and our lives. She also explains symbols, which is one of the best features of this book, the dictionary of symbols and their meanings. She gives broad overviews to general symbols and the dictionary gives some very workable explanations to these exact symbols.

She also discusses the importance of writing down our dreams, using dream tools and of working with our dreams in shadow work. We have heard of or explored our familiars in our everyday workings, shadow work is what happens when we fall asleep at night. We have our own shadows with us when we walk the dream worlds and we can learn to work with these shadows and help improve our lives or solve our every day problems.

Karri discusses working with the moon in dreams, using dreams to heal, and doing group Dream Circles. Karri has lead Dream Circles and shares her experiences so that we might explore the potential for Dream Circles in our own lives.

If your interest is Dreams, and you are looking for some new perspectives on dreams and dreaming, this book would be an interesting addition to your collection.

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