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A Witch's Book of Answers

by Eileen Holland, Cerelia

Buy the book: Eileen Holland. A Witch's Book of Answers

Release Date: June, 2003

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Eileen Holland. A Witch's Book of Answers

Only the beginning. A great start for any beginner to the Cr

This book is filled with common sense and down to earth answers to the most asked questions about Witchcraft.
These women obviously don't consider their book to be the only book on Witchcraft that anyone will ever need, nor do they expect it to take the place of experience. That's ridiculous.
They tell you that Witches do not have to be Wiccans. And answer very important questions that people that are new to the craft have. Most of us have no one to ask. And many are scared to ask, due to the misconceptions of Witchcraft. This book is superb in
dispelling so much of the garbage that is out there.
The book is written from the authors perspective. As every book usually is.
Books never replace experience in any part of life. How can anyone even think that? Books do however, lead us to new experiences in our lives.
This book helps readers to see that Witchcraft and Wicca are attainable to us all. That it isn't a fad. And that there is much more to being a Witch than just saying "I am a Witch" in order to shock and amaze your friends. It is a spiritual path.
At least for those of us who take it very seriously.
That is what this book is showing and telling us. How to integrate Witchcraft into our everyday lives.
And the authors do it very nicely. With heart and with humor.

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A great starting point

As an eager beginner, I have many questions about witchcraft. This book is a great collection of FAQ's and the authors' answers. They say at the very beginning of the book that witchcraft is many-faceted and interpreted in many ways, and that they will present their views in this book. I don't find it at all elitist or exclusive.

A great source of answers for those who are full of questions!

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