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A Little Book of Candle Magic

by D. J. Conway

Buy the book: D. J. Conway. A Little Book of Candle Magic

Release Date: March, 2000

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: D. J. Conway. A Little Book of Candle Magic

Excellent candle magick book for beginner!!

When I first began studying the craft, every book I read referred to (and I mean no offense to anyone when I say this) boring ritual and, what seemed to me, rather extravagant altar items. For example, an athame, wand, cloak, even special shoes, etc. I wanted to practice something a little more simple, until i had a better understanding of the craft.

This book explains how to practice magick only using these ingredients: candles, herbs, stones and chants. It is not infused with drawn-out, boring ritual, that, for me, take the excitement and spirituality out of witchcraft.

Another aspect I love about this book: It does not follow an exact belief system. It is for the anyone who wants to practice Witchcraft alone, and not necessarily Wicca.

An excellent book for beginners, it explains what day of the week and what moon cycle to practice your spell on, which I found very helpful.

I feel like the book became somewhat limiting as I grew more advanced as a witch. I found I wanted to write my own spells, and refer to different books that were not quite so exact. I wanted to add my own personal touches to the spell. But, this book is wonderful for the beginner who has NO idea where to begin with magick.

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good book on candle magic

this is just more than a spell book,yes it has spells and some pretty good ones might i add. it tells about different types of candles and candle colors. herbs,incenses and oils. and also stones. it also tells about altar set ups. one of conway's better books.

From Amazon.com

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