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441. The Heart Shaped Amulet
by Semy-Aror

442. The Hidden: The Crystal Myth
by Christine L. Green

443. The Hog's Wholey Wash: A Complete Allegorical Manual on Consciousness & Cosmos, With Vindication Sublime of That Most Maligned Terrestrial Species
by Malcolm J. Mitchell

444. The Holy
by Daniel Quinn

445. The Illuminati of Immortality: Alchemy of Dreams
by Wayne Saalman, Christopher S. Hyatt

446. The Immortal
by J.J. Dewey

447. The Immortal Tower
by Dawn Rouncville

448. The Jeweled Path
by Catherine Macdonald

449. The Key to Paradise
by Christiane des Sagettes

450. The Knight of a 1000 Eyes
by Michael Lyons

451. The Lamb
by Bruce P. Burnett

452. The Last Boy
by Robert H. Lieberman

453. The Last Wooden House
by Jann Burner

454. The Legend of Shiloh Woods: ...a Fairy Tale of Present Times

455. The Legend: A Novel
by Barry Maher

456. The Light at the End of the World
by Lorraine Dopson

457. The Line Ahead
by Stephen Bright

458. The Lore Adventure : Lore: The Discovery
by James D. Fletcher

459. The Lost Girl (Enderle, Dotti, Fortune Tellers Club, 1.)
by Dotti Enderle

460. The Lost Key of the Buddha (The Immortal Series, Book 3)
by J. J. Dewey

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