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401. The Dance
by Keith R. Stroud

402. The Darkness Below
by Lee Eide

403. The Daughters of Joy: An Adventure of the Heart
by Deepak Chopra

404. The Day of the Owl (New York Review Books Classics)
by Leonardo Sciascia, George Scialabba

405. The Decision
by Steve Fleming

406. The Definite Maybe
by William Gosling

407. The Destiny of Miro
by Julie Rae Rickard

408. The Devil 1928
by Alfred Neumann, Huntley Paterson, Alfred Neumann, etc.

409. The Dog's Tooth
by Brent Powers

410. The Dolphin
by Russell Stewart

411. The Dolphin Life
by Jonathan Little

412. The Dolphin: Story of a Dreamer
by Sergio Bambaren, Michele Gold

413. The Ecumenical Cruise and Other Three-Legged Chicken Philosophy Tales
by Walter Benesch

414. The Elysium Testament
by Mary O'Donnell

415. The Errant Knight
by Ann Tompert, Doug Keith

416. The Esp Theory
by W. W. Walton, W. W. Walton

417. The Evolution of a Warrior : A Book of Personal Transformation
by Christopher J Regan

418. The Fifth Harmonic
by F. Paul Wilson

419. The Fifth Name
by Santiago Cohen, Santiago Cohen

420. The Forgotten Man :
by Shadow Robinson

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