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Starbrow: A Spiritual Adventure

by Tim Ray

Buy the book: Tim Ray. Starbrow: A Spiritual Adventure

Release Date: 01 March, 2003

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Tim Ray. Starbrow: A Spiritual Adventure

The best Book I ever read.

This is nothing short of the most facinating, wonderfull, inlightning and funny book I've ever read! The characters are more than plausible and I can certainly identify with their questions and following progress and adventure. Unlike many of the other so called spiritual novels I've read, "Starbrow" is a real page-turner. I understood and even cared about the characters which is usually almost impossible, when the book aims to be inlightning and funny. The best way to sum up, I guess, is siply this; I feel my life is infinetly better after reading "Starbrow". If it was up to me this book should be prescribed reading in every school worldwide. "Starbrow" vastly improved my outlook on the world we live in, the people I know(and don't know) but more inportantly the way I see myself. This can be either a brilliant sci-fi/fantacy book, the greatest gift you ever got to help you improve your perception of you and everyone else or both! It's up to you. I've read this book at least five times now (first ed)and I still find new knowledge and meanings. This book really did change my life unlike all the numerous self-help books and/or spiritual instruction manuals I've read the past ten years. Read this book! It is truely unique.

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