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Stalking Anubis

by Steven Forrest, Steven Forest

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Release Date: 10 October, 2002

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Steven Forrest. Stalking Anubis

Stalking a great read

This is a quick grabbing suspenseful story that is extremely readable. That being said, this is not a lightweight work. Characters are well developed and intriguing, the language is descriptive and seductive, and the action not predictable. We read this book during a power outage- it made the time literally fly by

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Astrology meets Mystery and Intrigue

As a professional astrologer, and great fan of Steven Forrests non-fiction work, I found this book thoroughly enjoyable. Gracefully and articulately he has combined the art/science of astrology authentically and convincingly with fictional mystery, and in a way that will be easily understandable even to someone with no astrological background. Through this his first novel Steven Forrest is, to my knowledge at least, the first person to ever apply astrology this creatively in a fictional context.

And the astrology is only one small aspect of the book, it has all of the ingredients necessary to keep the reader engaged. It is an entertaining, sensitive and humorous story, plus the psychological insights and undercurrents are profound and will be clear to all who are that way inclined.

I for one am looking forward to reading Steven Forrests next novel!

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