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Ships of Song, A Parable of Ascension

by Patricia Walsh-Haluska, Stanley Walsh-Haluska

Buy the book: Patricia Walsh-Haluska. Ships of Song, A Parable of Ascension

Release Date: 19 October, 1999

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Patricia Walsh-Haluska. Ships of Song, A Parable of Ascension

A heartwarming tale of the future of mankind!

This book is for anyone who has ever feared the "end of the world" scenario which many prescribe to. The authors present a provocative view of the history of mankind, and offer us an equally provocative description of "the ascension" of mankind. It's a pleasure to read, and the characters have remained with me since I was first introduced to them. This book will leave you with a sense of peace, awe and excitement about all that's to come!

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It touches the heart,where Ascension begins

Patricia and Stanley have created a beautiful story of life and love, offering many inspiring possible answers to humankind's many mysteries. Is this a big part of the UFO or alien mystery? Of the origins of our existence? How comforting and uplifting to read this book and feel its love and sincerity. It is such a pleasure to find it written so well, a treat to all the senses, I savored every paragraph. A few years ago I "dreamed" I was on a ship with people whom I loved and was so ecstatic at the reunion after so long apart from them. I cried out to stay, not to be made to return to earth. This dream haunted me for days and I remember it vividly to this day. For me, Ships of Song spoke directly to my heart, urging me to remember more......the oneness of All That Is.

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