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Sister Planet Tara

by Jeneen Diane Sterling

Buy the book: Jeneen Diane Sterling. Sister Planet Tara

Release Date: May, 2000

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Jeneen Diane Sterling. Sister Planet Tara

Holds the Imagination!

Two women (one Black and the other *Japenese-American & college friends) in their forties snatched from a Florida backyard ends up on Planet Tara. Become love interest of aliens (human looking younger men). This was the unedited version with author's original thoughts and writing. I gave this book and the other book three stars and was waiting on the edited version. Looks like the end of October 2002 before it comes out. 2002 edited revised Paperback and hard copy not out yet (but e-book just released over with the publisher and it is AWESOME!!!). The author tells why the edited book first and the story works. It is believable beyond belief. The *Japanese-American character is now Chinese-American but that entire book is worth 10 starsss! I have to admit THE BONUS is my favorite and the BESTTTT!!!

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Great to find a book about regular adult American minority women--heroines--that are not sized 4s or 8s or some other absurd size. Good story with education, careers, family, friendships and love relationships found on planet with male human looking aliens. And with the right amount of sex thrown in to make it a good and entertaining SCI FI short story set in Florida. Like the author's writing style. Very simple and straight to point. Feels as though she's talking directly to you or actually telling you the story. Downloaded author's first book, The Bonus, computerized version, a longer contemporary book with same writing style. Also with same focus on education, careers, families, relationships. Postive book with none of the stuff that makes the news everyday and then winds up in books as entertainment. Still waitnig for the updated paperback version that I think should be out sometime in July. Another good one from author about real people and believable relationships!

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