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81. City of God: A Novel
by E. L. Doctorow

82. Clairadon: A Metaphysical Tale on the Nature of Being
by George V Marcus

83. Clearcut: A Novel of Bio-Consequences
by Bill Hunger

84. Cloud 8
by Grant Bailie

85. Condor
by Bernard Cohen

86. Condor Blanco- relatos ancestrales
by Suryavan Solar, Suryavan Solar

87. Confessions of Lifetimes in the Fountain of Choice: Ego Vs. Spirit
by A. E. Hinton

88. Conquering the Mouth of the Dragon
by Estralia L. Russelle, Estralia L. Russelle

89. Consuming Fire
by Dennis Chamberland

90. Counting Raindrops through a Stained Glass Window
by Cherlyn Michaels

91. Crack at Dusk Crook of Dawn: A Novel of Discovery
by Priscilla Cogan

92. Cross Purpose
by W. Francisco Williams

93. Crossing Back over
by Wanda F. Ross

94. Crowning Glory : Martha's Journey
by Matt T. Thompson