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A Rich Man's Secret: An Amazing Formula for Success

by Ken Roberts

Buy the book: Ken Roberts. A Rich Man's Secret: An Amazing Formula for Success

Release Date: June, 1995

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Ken Roberts. A Rich Man's Secret: An Amazing Formula for Success

Don't walk,run and get this book

I've read all the success books,Stephen Covey,Zig Zigler,Tony Robbins,I could go on and on,they were all exiteing to read,there was only one problem,if you've read them,you know what I'm talking about,the exitement always turns to dispair when the formula fails,If you want to know why,if you want to sit back and watch a higher power come and kick the crap out of all your problems and fears,start with this book then read everything you can get your hands on by Guy Finely and Vernon Howard.It takes time,but with this formula,you can, experience true magic.Forget the bad reviews,those people had the secret of life in their hands and diden't even know it.

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A Rich Man's Secret: An Amazing Formula For Success

The powers that be always bring us together with that which we need at the right time in our lives, this book did just that. It is a process of learning to unlearn bad habits of programing in our minds. To be able to Think. That is the concept, to be in present tense, in the now. I have experienced this guide we find in the now. My life has changed, this book is a revealing source to how the mind really works, and how we can make it work for us. Thanks Ken. The Teacher always appears, when the Students are ready! When we all learn to see, rather than just look, we will have achieved peace on earth within ourselves.

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