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A Theory of Relativity

by Jacquelyn Mitchard, Mitchard Jacquelyn

Buy the book: Jacquelyn Mitchard. A Theory of Relativity

Release Date: 19 June, 2001

Edition: Audio Cassette


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Buy the book: Jacquelyn Mitchard. A Theory of Relativity

Not as good as her previous novels

I bought this book because I greatly enjoyed the author's two previous novels, "The Deep End of the Ocean" and "The Most Wanted". Her latest book was a little disappointing, mainly because the characters seemed much less "real" than in the other two books. This may have been because this book has so many characters you can hardly keep them straight (and it doesn't help that they are so poorly rendered). The basic story was intriguing (a couple dies in car crash, both families want custody of the toddler they left behind), but it didn't "grab" me and make me race through the book to find out what happened the way "Deep End" and "Most Wanted" did.

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good potential

This was a book with so much potential, it's too bad it didn't get some editorial help to make it a great book. The strong points were that the characters felt so real to me, and I really felt attached to them. But other than that, reading it was painful. First, the author unfortunately tries to give us points of view of too many characters, making the reader not know any one character in depth, and reading too many details. Also, I didn't like the way the reader was kept in torturing suspense as to the fate of Keefer's custody. I finally figured it out within a completely new context at the very end - the author knew we would all want to know, so why write about it 'by the way'? The book just took too many different directions, taking me off the original path of caring and feeling for the characters.

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