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2012 The Shaman's Prophecy

by D. Rhoades Hoskins

Buy the book: D. Rhoades Hoskins. 2012 The Shaman's Prophecy

Release Date: June, 2001

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: D. Rhoades Hoskins. 2012 The Shaman's Prophecy

Older J.R.R. Tolkien fans &prophecy fans here's a good one

Read a lot of adventure books, but this is one of the best. It is so realistic i think the story could pass as non-fiction. Almost everything is believable. From the Indian tribes to the geography, and even the plant life. The characters are developed enough, a little more would be better, but there are only 3 to really get to know each seeking the mysterious shaman (shades of Castaneda)for a different reason. The bad guys, are very real and greedy and i wouldn't want to run into them for any reason. The powerful shaman who tasks the 3 wasn't disappointing, from the origins of man to the prophecy for the next 30 years, really hit a nerve. The tidbits extras at the end and the authors bio, really made me think. I agree, a good adventure story that should make a good movie

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This is a good read that maybe the fans of TV shows like 'survivor' or the other adventure shows would like. The search for the shaman take them on a wild and dangerous adventure. Kinda like a Harry Potter for adults, but with subtle magic. The prophecy is kinda vague, but logical, with riddles and fits in with the story. It's a very realistic adventure that really messes with your head as they say. You will think about the book days later after reading . I know I did

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