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Sacred Yoga Practice - Vinyasa Flow: Flow Pure Power (2002)

Yoga Video. Sacred Yoga Practice - Vinyasa Flow: Flow Pure Power (2002). Buy this DVD More Info | Buy the video

Opinion of a viewer from Nashville, TN

This 3rd tape in Rainbeau Mars excellent "Sacred Yoga" series is exactly what it says.
It is a Powerful routine that will challenge you specifically in terms of building strength.
Rainbeau starts with some nicely paced Sun Salutation's which open you up gently without moving too fast.
She soon moves into an Arm Balance (on-arm stand(Side-plank) aka Vasisthasana) which she also shows with a simpler modification.
Then there are lots of Uttanasanas (forward bends), Chaturangas (yogic pushups) to Cobras (with many repetitions of the variation of Cobra with the hands clasped behind the back) and Downward dogs (plus variations of Downward dogs) throughout. There is also a nice lunge to Warrior one sequence as well which are wonderful hip and shoulder openers (as well as leg strengtheners).
Another thing I particularly like is that she does Bridge pose three times towards the end of the session which lets you get really deeply into that very beneficial pose. There is also a lying twist at the end as well.
She emphasizes breathing throughout, shows modifications for all the poses and gives very clear and helpful instructions that are very easy to follow.
The session ends with a relaxation sequence.
If you're looking for a challenge that is at the same time very accessible then you'd surely enjoy this tape.
If I was to compare it in terms of difficulty to other tapes I'd say it's not as hard as the Kest "Energize" tape or some of the Harder Baptiste tapes, but is probably more along the lines of Total Yoga's "Water" tape (from "The Flow Series"), or Rodney Yees "Power Yoga for Beginners "Stamina" though it is very different in style.

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