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The Power of Hatha Yoga. Video (VHS)

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Review of bobbubba from Pasadena, CA USA

An exceptional yoga video!

This is a wonderful yoga video and it provides a complete mind, body and spirit workout. Naader Shagagi is a peaceful guide who not only helps you place your body in the right position but gives you insight to give your mind a workout as well. This is an intermediate level "class" and it provides an outstanding workout of the entire body from head to toe. I've only seen a few yoga videos but this is by far the best I have encountered.

Review of Virginia Hein from Pasadena, CA USA

A workout for the body, mind and spirit...

I have studied Hatha Yoga with various teachers over the years, and I feel that Naader's instruction is superior because of his emphasis on both flexibility and strength, as well as other qualities such as balance and concentration. This video takes the student through a powerfully integrated series of movements which, along with the practice of effectively using the breath, create a full workout for the body, provide a release of emotions, calm the mind, and energize the spirit!

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