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Rocki's Prenatal Yoga

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Opinion of ruth from St. Paul, MN

This was an amazing video. I found just what I wanted in a yoga workout with the added responsibility of pregnancy-gentleness and kindness to my own changing body and to my baby. I appreciated Rocki's emphasis on listening to your body so that you feel great pregnant, not limited by it. I feel energized and peaceful after the workout. Rocki excudes a confidence and reasurance which comes through to the participant. I really recommend this video. It's fun, too!

Deborah from Cumming, GA

I am planning on getting pregnant with my second child soon. Since I want to make sure to keep exercising while I'm pregnant again and heard yoga is not so hard on the joints, I thought I'd try this. I've never done yoga before, but Rocki is really good at explaining the poses. I think her voice is calming, too, which is helpful to concentrate on the moves and your breath. The first time I did this...I couldn't make it all the way through 'cause I was too tired out. But with a few more viewings I got the exercises down pat. So when I become pregnant again...I'll really know the workout well. I'm going to buy this video for my girlfriend who just found out she is pregnant!

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