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Prenatal Yoga (2000)

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Opinion of jlc240 from State College, PA United States

This really is a great video for expecting woman. My doctor okayed it and I gave it a try for the first time last night. It really is relaxing and the stretches just seem to help work out some of the aches and pains. I was sick in bed for almost 2 months with morning sickness so it feels really good to get up and stretch! The woman in the video are each in a trimester and you follow the one whose trimester you fall in. The only problem I saw with it is that it takes an hour to complete but the video is broken into 3 segments so I plan on doing one 20 minute segment each day. The poses are simple and pretty easy to pick up one. I am one of the least coordinated people ever and I managed to get through this video just fine. You do need to have a chair and a "yoga band". Other than that you got everything you need. This is a great video and I am going to continue to use it thoughout my pregnancy and beyond!

Opinion of nyssa_4 from USA

I used this yoga video throughout the pregnacy and it definately made me feel better after I went through the exercise. I could get motivated to do it because I knew I would feel better-less back pain, an overall feeling of well being, a smile on my face, and relaxation at the end. It goes through the sequence with a soothing instructor and a lady for each trimester of the pregnancy to follow. I caught on quickly to the movements and I was not a yoga master to begin with. Anybody can use this video at every stage. It was so easy - when my belly grew so I couldn't stretch one way, I just followed the next trimester person. Gentle and reassuring and thumbs up for the relaxation at the end. My husband did this with me too and we both fell asleep one evening because we relaxed so much! Definate thumbs up!

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