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Yoga DVD.
Yoga Zone - Beginners (Boxed Set)

Yoga Zone - Beginners (Boxed Set). Buy this DVD More Info | Buy the DVD

Opinion of Colleen Schneider from San Lorenzo, CA USA

Yes, even the uncoordinated can learn to do these tapes. If you are looking for a ground-floor, basic start to your yoga practice, this is an excellent place to start. I made the mistake of trying a more challenging tape first, which made me feel like an uncoordinated loser, and after mastering these tapes I found that I had the basics to take me to more challenging and athletic forms of yoga. I have loaned out my Introduction to Yoga tape to friends that want a taste of doing yoga, and find myself gravitating to the Conditioning and Stress Relief video, even though I've mastered it some time ago. I still love the feeling of the stress just releasing from my back and shoulders. These are the tapes that teach you the fundamentals, the most important of which is the breathing. This, for me, was the most challenging, as I tend to rush and hurry all day and this taught me to slow it down. I find I often use the breathing technique now, not only to get through more challenging poses but during my busy day also. The meditation tapes are wonderful. I don't use them as often as I should, but it would be a great resolution for the new year to start using them more regularly. It is a wonderful set that you will use for many years to come and a great foundation for building your own yoga practice.

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