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Yoga DVD.
Kundalini Yoga with Grace & Strength (1998)

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Opinion of rengetsu from Kansas City, Kansas USA

Carol Carlson's video is an excellent way to simultaneously energize and relax your mind and body. If you are a beginner, be prepared to do this video at 10-15 minutes intervals. It is geared more toward intermediate yoga practioners, but she still gives beginner's optional methods to do the exercises. Sometimes I do the entire tape, and sometimes I do it in intervals throughout the day if I am particularly worn-out! I often use the end of the tape (a relaxing meditation) to help me go to sleep or calm me down!
In reference to the person who commented on "breath of fire" throughout every exericise, I somewhat agree. I have found that long deep breathing is much more beneficial to me, particularly when my muscles are tight. The longer breathing usually brings me in to the pose with no pain and no thought. This is what I have experienced in other Kundalini classes as well. But, if you get the video, just participate in breath of fire whenever you would like to and use the long deep breathing when you think it necessary. Carol Carlson says this herself!

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