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21. The Tao of God : A Restatement Based on The Urantia Book
by Richard S Omura

22. The Universal Religion : Essentials for a Joyful Life
by Christopher Lepine

23. The Urantia Book

24. The Urantia Book

25. The Urantia Book
by Urantia Foundation

26. The URANTIA Book (CD-ROM)
by Urantia Foundation

27. The Urantia book basics
by Mary Ebben

28. The Urantia Book Workbooks
by Katharine J. Harries, William S., Md Sadler, Urantia Foundation

29. The Urantia Book Workbooks: Jesus
by Foundation Urantia Foundation, Katharine J. Harries, William S., Md Sadler

30. The Urantia Book Workbooks: Science
by Alvin Kulieke, William S., Md Sadler, Urantia, etc.

31. The Urantia Book Workbooks: Topical and Doctrinal Study
by William S., Md Sadler, Katharine J. Harries, Foundation Urantia Foundation

32. The Urantia Book Workbooks: Volume 5 - Theology
by Katharine Harries, Urantia, William Sadler

33. The Urantia Book Workbooks: Volume 6 - Bible Study
by Katharine Harries, Urantia, William S. Sadler

34. The Urantia Book Workbooks: Volume 7 - Terminology
by Michael Hanian, Andrei Reznikov, William S. Sadler

35. The Urantia Book Workbooks: Volume 8 - Worship and Wisdom
by William S. Sadler

36. The Urantia Book: A Revelation
by Uversa Press

37. The Urantia Book: Korean Translation
by Urantia Foundation

38. The Urantia Papers, Pts. I-IV
by Larry Mullins, Angelic Beings, Chris Hansen

39. Thought Gems
by Urantia Foundation

40. Urantia Book : Electronic Version
by Urantia Foundation

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