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Jesus: A New Revelation

Buy the book: . Jesus: A New Revelation

Release Date: 01 April, 1999

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: . Jesus: A New Revelation

If you know of a more inspiring book, please tell me of if!

Jesus: A New Revelation is the most amazing book I have ever read, and I consider myself an avid reader. I used to think all religious people needed some crutch to get through life, couldn't face reality and were just hooked into conventional traditions without much contimplation of alternatives. I had no faith before I read this book. Not that I was looking very hard, but I never found anything else in the vast sea of new age offerings, nor in the traditional scriptures to turn me away from the practical, scientific, intellectual, humanistic atheism I had evolved in my life. That is, until I read this book which tells the fascinating day to day story of Jesus' life and teaching.

This is a living story, wonderfully captivating, thrilling, and real. Jesus was born, raised, and died a Jew, but he gives hope, joy and inspiration to peoples of all faiths. Christians may have traditionalized him past the point of recognition...I dare say, this book may not even appeal to fundamentalist Christians who have no room in their hearts for growth. This is a book for people who are evolving (or discovering) their multi-facited faith...for whom faith is living.

Don't believe me, read it for yourself and decide for yourself. This is not a 5 star book, it is a 10 star book!

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Without Urantia?

I am an ardent supporter of The Urantia Book and love just about anything pertaining to this wonderful revelation! However, the book, "Jesus: A Rew Revelation" will make little sense to someone who is not already familiar with the concepts and vocabulary of The Urantia Book.

As a piece of the complete Urantia text, I must say that the "Jesus Papers" as they are so known by Urantia students, are simply wonderful! But standing alone without the complete revelation, this book may be a futile undertaking for some readers. At least the publishers could have done was publish a glossay of terms for the new reader!

I suggest passing this little mistake aside and delving into the complete and authorized text of The Urantia Book.

I give this book high marks because within it are words of truth, but I can't give the publication my full support.

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