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The Birth of a Divine Revelation : The Origin of the Urantia Papers

by Ernest P. Moyer

Buy the book: Ernest P. Moyer. The Birth of a Divine Revelation : The Origin of the Urantia Papers

Release Date: 16 February, 2000

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Ernest P. Moyer. The Birth of a Divine Revelation : The Origin of the Urantia Papers

Review - The Birth of a Divine Revelation

This is a must read. It is a benchmark work against which all Histories and Mysteries dealing with the origin of the Urantia Papers must be weighed. The wealth of detail from Moyer's extensive research on the early days of William Sadler, human agent for the Revelation, and his meeting of the "Sleeping Subject," has no comparison.

Moyer provides useful introductory material for those who may be meeting the Urantia Book for the first time. He then goes on to survey the sequence of events starting with the appearance of the "Sleeping Subject" in LaGrange, Illinois in 1908, to the event of the actual revelation in 1934 and 1935. He shows the nature of the "Contact Commission," entrusted with the care of the Revelation, and how the "Forum" developed, with its role in the generation of the Papers. He provides an unvarnished account of the interplay of personalities, with all of their human frailties. Those human shortcomings eventually led to Sadler interposing in the text, and reducing the Revelation to something less than the perfection we would expect from divine beings.

Moyer, a believer that the Urantia Papers are a Divine Revelation, exercises an intellectual honesty that is striking. He faces up to cruel realities where others cower. Such a masterful work will withstand the keenest scrutiny.

You will never grasp the truth behind the origins of the Urantia Papers without reading this book.

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Could it beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee . . . CALIGASTIA!

Move over, Church Lady! I find it intriguing that someone would "blame the devil" in order to defend that which they would otherwise consider to be sacred writ. Such is the case with The Birth of a Divine Revelation (TBOADR), which spends 600 pages attempting to defend the authenticity of The Urantia Book (UB), despite its many shortcomings. No longer can one deny that something is amiss with the UB, thanks largely to Martin Gardner's exposure of various human misgivings therein in his Urantia: The Great Cult Mystery (U:TGCM). But perhaps if TBOADR can manage to dethrone Gardner's theory as to the identity of the sleeping subject (SS), through whom the alleged celestial revelations came, the other reason for going public will be a bit easier to swallow. Granted, TBOADR provides some evidence worth considering that if true would eliminate Wilfred Kellogg as the channeler (I'm sorry, "human instrument"), which Gardner contends. But then again, there is that certain letter from one former participant to another, cited on page 129 of Gardner's U:TGCM, that specifically names Kellogg as the receptor. (Funny how TBOADR fails to mention said confession!) So just how did the benign spirits transmit the fifth epochal revelation? As TBOADR explains, the mighty message was spoken by the "mechanical manipulation of the muscles and breathing of SS while he was fully unconscious" (p. 6). In other words, the midwayers (invisible angels who can manipulate physical objects, according to the UB) used the SS as their marionette to utter the words that were made book. And not once did these celestial puppeteers disturb the SS from his sleep. Well, isn't that special! One might wonder what the difference is between automatic speaking, a form of clairvoyance practiced by well-known psychics such as Edgar Cayce, and the method described above. Isn't it obvious? Channeling involves the "spirit violation of the conscious human mind" and is always resorted to by none other than Caligastia (the name for the devil in the UB) himself, whereas the manipulation of body parts does not require invasion of a person's mind. Therefore, said method (despite the fact that it is an invasion of the human subject's body nonetheless) is considered by TBOADR to be a perfectly valid and credible method of communication by the divine revelators, and one that will always render reliable information, since the UB informs us that there are no rebel midwayers around to take advantage of the method for purposes of malice and fraud. Havona knows that, by virtue of cult founder and noted psychiatrist Dr. William Sadler's good standing with the altruistic celestials, the method has been ratified as legitimate because of Sadler's expert familiarity with all those "aberrant" methods of spirit communication, and he certainly would have picked up on any malfeasance had it been going on at the time (at least, one would think!). So why, then, is the UB laced with material that is admittedly considered erroneous and/or of a suspicious nature? Well, TBOADR has an explanation for that, too. It seems that Caligastia got a foothold during the latter years of the transmission episodes. The messages began coming through another member of the "insider" group other than the SS and, as hindsight provided by TBOADR now tells us, was actually being "channeled" through the mind of this new human conduit by the evil one. How did these crooked communiqués get by the good doctor's expertise? He could not tell the difference at the time! Excuse me, but why then was Sadler not informed by the celestial "good guys" of Caligastia's influence through the SS? Could it be that Sadler was simply unaware of these errors because they were his errors to begin with? But wait, this corruption theory just keeps getting better. If the "good stuff" came through in 1934/35, as TBOADR purports, what about the material in the UB that is known to have been plagiarized from human sources that were published after 1940 and are considered legitimate information? The forward-looking celestials (despite the mandate from their supervisors not to divulge any unearned knowledge to us mortals) had anticipated that these findings would later be discovered. In fact, they were so "prophetic" that they got the ideas almost verbatim years before the human authors penned their words! With this amazing discovery, we are happy to report that any post-1935 material that smacks of erroneous thinking can be automatically assigned to Caligastia, while that which has turned out to be acceptable was a premature gift from the good guys. How conveeeeeeenient! What is more telling in this defense of the defenseless is that TBOADR openly admits that Sadler did make some revisions to the second edition of the UB (but not all errors were caught). By what authority does a mere mortal make changes to a "celestial revelation" after the fact, and does this not smack of human influence, an outcome which the revelators would have preferred to avoid like anathema in order to validate their claim of divine inspiration? Indeed, the very fact that the identity of the SS was supposed to be kept a big secret is a double-edged sword. As TBOADR points out, the identity thereto cannot be clearly established, which brings into question whether there was ever a sleeping subject at all (leaving Sadler holding the bag). Let's see, I wonder who in the whole wide world would be interested in devising such a deceptive scheme as to entice Dr. Sadler into believing that he was the custodian of divine knowledge that would render him and all his fellow believers to be as gods? Hmmmm, could it be . . .

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