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Paramony: A Parallel and Harmony of the Urantia Book and the Bible

by Duane L. Faw

Buy the book: Duane L. Faw. Paramony: A Parallel and Harmony of the Urantia Book and the Bible

Release Date: June, 1987

Edition: Hardcover


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Buy the book: Duane L. Faw. Paramony: A Parallel and Harmony of the Urantia Book and the Bible

Angelic Error and Hypocrisy Revealed

Christianity has been dealt a favor by publishing this near-exhaustive study aid. The word "paramony" is an invented conjunction of the words "parallel" and "harmony" to imply that the book demonstrates the supposed "parallel harmony" that exists between The Urantia Book (TUB) and the Holy Bible. However, anybody who utilizes this remarkable resource to the full extent of its intended use will soon find out that quite the opposite is true. To be sure, many "parallels" exist between the two, simply because TUB shamelessly plagiarizes literally thousands of biblical verses (hence, the thickness of the Paramony, which is not much more than a computerized printout that lists the locations of the parallels in a line-by-line format). However, in the vast majority of cases, the parallels are not in the least bit harmonious. Rather, the Paramony demonstrates the flagrant and intentional discord between what is written in Scripture and what the alleged celestial authors of TUB have ordained as divine correction. Most of the lifted biblical passages have either been revised or taken out of context to suit the divine revelators' version of the truth. The problem with assuming divine authority on the part of the "celestials" is that they are prone to much human error and hypocrisy. Consider the following dogmatic statement inculcated by a "Melchizedek of Nebadon" during a rather insidious treatment of Hebrew theology: "The concept of judgment in the hereafter for the sins of one's life in the flesh on earth was carried over into Hebrew theology from Egypt. The word judgment appears only once in the entire Book of Hebrew Psalms, and that particular psalm was written by an Egyptian." (TUB, p.1045) I indicated earlier that the Paramony is not quite exhaustive, because it will not point to the correct biblical passage(s) in this case. Perhaps that's because there are so many verses from Psalms to choose from (32 to be exact) in which the word "judgment" appears! (Are we attempting to cover the celestials' tracks?) Other instances point to the "celestial" authors' sheer hypocrisy. On page 1084, we read that Paul's New Testament epistles should not be taken as divine inspiration: "Paul little dreamed that his well-intentioned letters to his converts would someday be regarded by still later Christians as the 'word of God.'" And yet, the angelic arbitrators covertly stuff the words of Galatians 3:28 into the mouth of their Jesus on page 2033. Moreover, a "Brilliant Evening Star" overtly implicates Paul as having been made privy to Urantian cosmology: "Paul also had a view of the ascendant-citizen corps of perfecting mortals on Jerusem, for he wrote: 'But you have come to Mount Zion and to the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, and to an innumerable company of angels, to the grand assembly of Michael, and to the spirits of just men being made perfect'" (TUB, p. 539; compare Hebrews 12:22-24). The Paramony is most helpful when perusing Part IV of TUB (a.k.a. the "Jesus" papers), which primarily consists of a massive revision of the four New Testament Gospels. We can readily see, for example, that the Jesus of TUB, who manifested himself in a new semi-spirit resurrection body after his death, is not the Jesus of the Bible, who was resurrected in the same physical body that had been laid in the tomb: "When the Master had so spoken, he looked down into the face of Thomas and said: 'And you, Thomas, who said you would not believe unless you could see me and put your finger in the nail marks of my hands, have now beheld me and heard my words; and though you see no nail marks on my hands, since I am raised in the form that you also shall have when you depart from this world, what will you say to your brethren?'" (TUB, p. 2043; compare John 20:27). Much more could be said, but space is limited here. Unless and until the Paramony again becomes available, the reader can view it in electronic format (feel free to e-mail me for the url address). Indeed, the Lord does work in mysterious ways!

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paramony exceeds expectations for pure reference material

Faw's book encourages the reader to find the parallels in the bible and the Urantia Book. His notes on chapters and papers are concise and accurate and his work is exhaustive. I recommend this book for any serious reader of the Urantia Book or anyone curious about their parallels.

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