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1. A History of the Urantia Papers
by Meredith Justin Sprunger, Larry Mullins

2. An Introduction to the Urantia Revelation (2nd Edition)
by David Bradley

3. Concordex of the Urantia Book
by Clyde Bedell

4. Correcting Time: Where the Revelation meets the road
by Fred F. Harris, Jr. Fred F. Harris

5. Divine intervention : the story of the Luciferian conspiracy and God's solutions
by Adriene Wentworth

6. El Libro de Urantia
by Urantia Foundation

7. Het Urantia Boek
by Urantia Foundation

8. How I Found The Urantia Book
by Saskia Praamsma

9. Jesus
by Laurence Whelan

10. Jesus: A New Revelation

11. Khnta Ypahtnn
by Urantia Foundation

12. Le Livre d'Urantia
by Urantia Foundation

13. Le Livre D'Urantia

14. Le verbe s'est fait livre : la révélation protégée par la Fondation Urantia
by Jacques Rhéaume

15. O Livro De Urantia/the Urantia Book
by Urantia Foundation

16. Paramony: A Parallel and Harmony of the Urantia Book and the Bible
by Duane L. Faw

17. Source Authors of the Urantia Book
by J. T. Manning

18. The Birth of a Divine Revelation : The Origin of the Urantia Papers
by Ernest P. Moyer

19. The Center Within: Lessons from Heart of the Urantia Revelation
by Fred Harris, Byron Belitsos

20. The Fifth Revelation : A Collection of Key Passages from The Urantia Book
by Kelly Elstrott

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