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Transpersonal Psychology, Stanislav Grof

Psychology Information and Resources
- Database and directory for psychology, psychology e-books, and psychology articles.

Grof Transpersonal Training - The authentic website of Stanislav Grof and Grof Transpersonal Training (GTT). About holotropic breathwork and transpersonal training, schedule of lectures and workshops, books and music store.

EUROTAS - Website of the European Transpersonal Association.

Explore Transpersonal Psychology - Website of Michael Daniels with inroduction to transpersonal psychology, online store with books about transpersonal psychology developed by Stan Grof: classics, experiences, practices, buddhist psychology. Tools for health and healing, discussion forum, selected papers of Michael Daniels.

TranspersonalWeb - Transpersonal Psychology - Source for Human Potential resources on the Internet, featuring information, interviews, an online bookstore, collection of links.

Transpersonal Psychology and Counseling - Psychotherapy, counselling, therapy, transpersonal psychology, transpersonal psychotherapy, transpersonal counselling, transpersonal therapy.

Personal Growth: Tools for Transformation - Tools for Transformation is dedicated to introducing the best available personal development resources to free us of the shackles of the past. How? By re-awakening awareness of our true identity, and so being fully conscious in the present moment.

Lyricalworks - Exploration of the raw materials of meaning: symbols, myths, dreams, and stories. You will see works by people a lot like you, people who are using their imaginations to explore some of the most important questions we ever ask: who am I, why am I here, and what does it all mean?

Remembering Who You Really Are - a virtual retreat and salon celebrating the moment. An integrative site offering contemplative writings in contemporary mysticism, sacred poetry, living prayer, transpersonal development, spiritual prints, gifts, and sculptural works.

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Psychology of the Future
Psychology of the Future: Read more about the book

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