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1. 100 Years of Theosophy: A History of the Theosophical Society in America
by Joy Mills

2. 6 Theosophic Points: An Open Gate of All the Secrets of Life Wherein the Causes of All Beings Become Known 6 Mystical Points on the Earthly and Heavenly Mystery on the div
by Jacob Boehme, John R. Earle

3. A Life for the Spirit: Rudolf Steiner in the Crosscurrents of Our Time (Vista Series)
by Henry Barnes

4. A Psychology of Body, Soul, & Spirit
by Rudolf Steiner, Robert Lathe, Marjorie Spock

5. A Search for God, Book 1
by Edgar Cayce, Association for Research & Enlightenment

6. A Secret Doctrine Digest
by Ernest Wood

7. A Theosophist's Point of View 1901
by James Albert Clark

8. A Vision for the Millennium: Modern Spirituality and Cultural Renewal
by Rudolf Steiner, Andrew Welburn

9. A Western Approach to Reincarnation and Karma: Selected Lectures and Writings (Vista Series)
by Rudolf Steiner, Rene Querido

10. Adyar Pamphlets 25-36 1913
by Annie Besant, C. et al Jinarajadasa

11. Ae in the Irish Theosophist
by George William Russell

12. All the Marvelous Earth
by Jiddu Krishnamurti, Mark Edwards, Evelyne Blau

13. American Theosophist Magazine Vol. 2 (1914)
by Annie Besant

14. An Abridgment of the Secret Doctrine
by Elizabeth Preston, Christmas Humphreys, Helene Petrovna Blavatsky

15. An Invitation to the Secret Doctrine
by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, Grace F. Knoche

16. An Outline of Esoteric Science
by Rudolf Steiner, Catherine Creeger

17. An Outline of Theosophy
by Charles Webster Leadbeater

18. Analogy of Religion, Natural & Revealed, to the Constitution & Course of Nature 1853
by Joseph Butler, B. F. Tefft

19. Ancient Ideals in Modern Life 1901
by Annie Besant

20. Ancient Myths and the New Isis Mystery: Seven Lectures Given in Dornach 4 to 13 January 1918 and a Lecture Given in Dornach 24 December 1920
by Rudolf Steiner, Signe E. Schaefer

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